Yeah for no more black backgrounds

Yes it looked very edgy and cool, but my eyes thank the person that was kind enough to switch it us to a light background.

Real blog post coming tomorrow.

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PhD Student in Design & Innovation studying R&D teams.
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11 Responses to Yeah for no more black backgrounds

  1. That would be me, though I didn’t do it for your eyes. I mean, edgy and cool is much more important than eye health. Duh. I changed the theme because that one didn’t identify who posted a given blog on the main page, which is just scandalous.

  2. houssian says:

    It’s a good thing you’re not some kind of CSS guru or something otherwise you could have had both, and we all know that would have been bad, very bad. 😉

  3. I’m pretty good with CSS, actually, but I have little motivation to go out and overhaul this theme, since this is still kewl. Anyway, the banner graphic rawks, and that’s most important, I think. And BTW, what kind of losers chat via blog comments on a Friday night?

  4. houssian says:

    I agree about the banner graphic, was that also part of the theme, or did you find that someplace else?

    The kind of losers that are on the forefront of the coolness that is tech today, that will have a hand in the forming the language of interaction design?
    Well one can hope anyway.

  5. The banner graphic was not part of the theme, and I didn’t “find it”–I took it! It’s an image from a 3D artist/musician’s interactive art installation in Second Life. It’s called Sudo, if anyone is curious, and this portion of it is about 200 meters in the air, so you have to fly to get to it.

  6. houssian says:

    could you send me a landmark (Aaron Dynamo)?

  7. I’m heading out momentarily, so I can’t send an LM. But in SL, click the Search button, select the Places tab, make sure Mature is checked, and type “Sudo.” Again, some flying around is likely to be necessary to see it all.

  8. houssian says:

    I tried to log in, but, as usual since I don’t use SL much it’s downloading an update, currently running 20MB. Oh second life…. you are a sad world in many ways. Yet intriguing in others.
    I’m sure I’ll find it, thanks.

  9. marty says:

    It would be nice if the post suthor’s name would also show up on the Comment editing screen. 🙂

  10. Tyler Pace says:

    I agree with Marty. The author names is conspicuously absent from the actual post page. It’s easy to forget who wrote the article!

  11. Make a wishlist requst about this to Mike. He may say it’s very difficult, but it’s worth asking him.

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