Art of Montage: Office Space Edition

As we all know, the art of movie trailers (mongtage) is very well understood. I’m a big fan of “recut” trailers which attempt to create entirely new movies out of existing films.

For example, check out the original Office Space trailer.

Now, check out the trailer for the “horror thriller” version.

Finally, check out the “drama” recut.

How might the art of the recut montage manifest itself in interaction design?


  1. Tyler Pace


    I completely forgot about that one and it’s probably better than the Office Space recuts.

  2. thismarty

    Gestalt closure is an amazing thing, isn’t it. Good designer and artists use it to engage their audiences at an intellectual and even poetic level.

    If a the viewer is painting in part of the picture themselves (ie. filling in the missing interstitial details in a montage, for instances), they are more involved in experiencing it than if everything is spelled out for them. Rather than just watching, that are decoding it in part. And so, they feel a greater degree of ownership over the experience.


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