Lecture Liveblogging

Is there any interest out there in taking up the practice of liveblogging the course lectures?

Entering the lecture material into the blogstream will give us an easy method for continuing course discussions as well as opportunity to reflect on lectures while increasing the size of our course related blogosphere.

Given the number of people in class with laptops and a VOLUNTEER basis, I think the commitment to live blog would be minimal for the individual. Perhaps a couple lectures throughout the semester per volunteer.

If you’re interested, respond to this post and lets figure out how to do this!


  1. houssian

    I wasn’t planning on liveblogging, but I was planning on posting my notes from class. I was thinking about just doing here on the course blog, but I could do it someplace else.

    Anyone else want to post their notes or do some liveblogging?

  2. Kevin Makice

    We need to do this for the colloquia. I’m certainly not going to be able to make every one (I will be there this Friday at 10a, though), but I’d like to see summaries of what was said, preferably with links.


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