Can’t resist posting this

OK it’s awfully geeky, but here are a couple examples of new media that I love, but they are interesting in a couple ways.

They are both “Music Videos” a form of entertainment that is just a little younger than I am, but like all new media there is a lot of twists. The music is from an independent artist Jonathan Coulton that makes all his own stuff and actively blogs, the video is from a fan who loves his music who works at Adobe, and is made “by hand” compositing machinima images from World of Warcraft the most popular MMORPG on the planet.

The First is called “Code Monkey” referring to a programmer and deals with his unfulfilled job/life and his infatuation with the receptionist. Complete geekery, and funny (and of course there is the “8-bit” series of the same name that uses this song as title/intro).

The second is called “The Future Soon” and shows the archetypical mad scientist in his teen years and shows how he ends up becoming the mad scientist.

Both are completely teen/20s boy point of view nerdery, but can probably be appreciated by a wider audience.

OK so why bother posting them at all? They show how new media takes established media and mixes them, mashes them, and adds in it’s own special sauce. The prosumer and participatory media all rolled up into one.

OK I’ll get a more serious post up later.

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  1. houssian

    For some reason the second video isn’t embedded, but the link to it is there.


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