Live Podcasts

UPDATED:  Now have backlogs for Sept 4 & Sept 6… The Sept 4th podcast is Erik’s lecture, Sept 6th is  the Manovich discussion.  I will try to get the other podcasts up this week.


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3 Responses to Live Podcasts

  1. I’m a celeb! I want to appear in The Enquirer!

  2. thismarty says:

    Any similarity between my voice and the one making snide comments on Tim’s podcasts is purely coincidental.

  3. Kevin Makice says:

    This is a great service, tdbowman. I’ve heard some of this material before through I502 and the HCI seminar last year, but I am discovering it make more sense the more you hear it. It is a great way to be a part of the class without being a part of the class.

    Please, though, invoke the my name in all classes where audio is captured, for I wish to ride Jeff Bardzell’s coattails into checkout counter magazine stands.

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