biker dog

Excuse my post today, I’m feeling like a WTF post is the best thing for me right now (I’m sick.. so not really feeling like doing anything thoughtful). I captured this photo from the car window when we were driving through Salt Lake City. After looking into dog bikers a bit more, apparently there is a whole group of people who have sites dedicated to bike-riding pups, e-commerce sites where you can buy clothing for your Harley dog, and people who blog about their experiences while driving their motorcycles with their dogs attached to the back. Here is one of the best resources for dog bikers I found:

biker dog

Does anyone else have some funny pictures they would like to share?  Its really rewarding when you see something like this and just so happen to have your camera on hand… also, that dog doesn’t even look like he’s having that good of a time.  I know that if I were him, I would love to be strapped down to the back of a high-speed bike and not really know what was going on….

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