Is this world hybrid culture?

Shkiwoora, Gohey (杉浦康平) who is a graphic designer in Japan, studied the schematization of human sense in order to have an insight of the world. In general, the schematization of information system is based on expressing time, number, or space. His schematization, however, pursued some things different beyond the elements. He studied how to map human being’s taste, based on the experience of eating sushi. Here is the taste process. While we chew a tuna sushi covering white rice, we might feel the taste of the rice, the taste of wasabi attacks our mouth inside, we continue to chew it, our mouth feels the harmony of rice, tuna and wasabi arising, and the taste spreads out deep inside, touches our modalities, and then disappears immediately. The process is about the experience of eating a tuna sushi. We can also continue to enjoy a gizzard shad, shrimp, shall sushi, tasting softness, sweetness, sea smell and so on. He allocated eating orders, the strength and weakness of the tastes, variation of the tastes according to X, Y, and Z axis. The schematization seems like islands. His intention is not to diagrammatize the volume of taste, time, tools, or materials. He wanted to deploy the sense experience of human being. His study enables me to think where the core-intentional concept is in organizing or interpreting phenomenon. Actually, at this point, I am really doubtful if it is possible to orient myself to sense the experience diagrammed in objective/multiple points of view without any prejudices, delusion or mental model intended, even though there is no entity in the world. When Prof. Jeff talked about technology determinism nihilism, I also thought that we, the researchers/designers in HCI area, might create the delusive culture/interaction of technology. In the syntax, not just as language structure, I came to see there are the delusive culture/interactions originated by interpretations. I want to call them hybrids and I believe that the hybrids would create inter-subjectivity. We know that human have already a lot of tools and methodologies to analyze phenomenon like construction or deconstruction whatever, but I think human don’t still know what to do or how to apply in using them. Still confused. It would take more time to get the macro point that is able to analyze the whole context. Maybe there is nothing new for human or we might need more experiences. However, it is true that we are also in the micro point that lets us guide into the insight. That’s why I want to focus on the hybrid culture in HCI boundary. I hope my interpretation as an interaction designer leads users to interpret in their own way.

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  1. thismarty

    Great observations, gimhyewon.

    Shkiwoora’s work sounds fascinating, and not just because it involves sushi! 😉

    Anyway, I understand how you feel when you say “We know that human have already a lot of tools and methodologies to analyze phenomenon like construction or deconstruction whatever, but I think human don’t still know what to do or how to apply in using them.”

    I’m fasincated by the new frames of reference offered by the tools that we are being introduced to in class. In particular, I am interested in how they could help me to overcome the sometimes temptation to rely on my intuition and a priori knowledge in design preproduction, when the smallest decisions can have so great an effect on what I will eventually create. I think that design is most vulnerable to bias at that point in the process and welcome these techniques as a way of keeping it honest.

    I am also very interested in seeing how your notion of a “hybrid culture”, analyzed in both micro- and macroscopic terms, develops. I hope that you will continue to post on it as the course progresses!


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