From Chaos to Order…

Marty gave me a valuable lecture for writing. Thank you Marty! Before prewriting, I have been struggling to pick a topic up to write. A lot of thoughts fly around my head, but I can’t catch one of them. Because, it seems that they are impossible to connect each other because they didn’t have any relation between them. If I can’t catch anything to concentrate, all thoughts disappear without meaning or purpose.
At last class, to proceed from CHAOS to ORDER, I started to jot down some words about aesthetics from reading this blog. After I finished leaving my thoughts on a paper, I made an order with main topics and fleshed out them based on my experience or insights. While I am writing to make an order, my meaningless thoughts spinning around my head also get a their own significance.
Through this process, I have thought that design, which make structures and arrange a sequence with what didn’t defined yet, is one of the important roles of design. I had a stereotype that design which intends to make a totally brand-new thing only change the world. However, I realized that it could be a good design method to provide a way, which grant meanings to what have been existing without any relationship each other and suggest new ways to have people use and utilize existing one for their own purpose.
I have just come out from chaos to order my design thinking. But, I have no idea that how can I do it with David Bowie 🙂 Is there anyone who can explain briefly that David Bowie stands for?


  1. thismarty

    You’re welcome, YJ! And thanks.

    Please be sure and see gimhyewon’s post (just before yours) – the two of you seem to be interested in the same line of inquiry here: the notion of randomize/chaotic processes giving rise to seemingly ordered and structured things.

    In essence, all creativity and good creative processes are about this marriage of unfettered imagination later tempered to produce.

  2. jeffreybardzell

    The David Bowie part is just a running joke from my classes. I like his music and weave him into my lectures, even though he doesn’t belong there. Then everyone makes fun of me. And then I do it again, etc. So that’s all. 🙂


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