The relationship: Randomization or Synchronism at a particular moment … in my pre-pre-pre-Writing

Anyway, do you know Fibonacci sequence? We can easily find the pattern of this sequence in petals, a spiral in the galaxy, or bones in our hands everywhere. When designing organic motif or geometrical pattern, considering rhythms and/or harmony, we can use the sequence. Whenever we see a plant or twigs of tress, the pattern of seems unconsciously not to be logical formation/construction. It seems to be randomized. Rather, there is unlikely to have the relationship between the sequence and the plants. However, we know they are.
When I was also watching someone, whom I know, in the midnight yesterday, I found a behavior sign, a sort of behavior pattern from him, which means that a city has tacitly taught him and he has learned about the sign without any consciousness. He is raised in a big city. The city is crowded with many people. There would be a lot of contingency he experienced.
In the moment yesterday, He faced with several strange people who were interrupting his way in a dark side. I presume, from his behavior, that he didn’t want to fight with them, wanted to avoid them, and just take his way. He didn’t mention any comments, passing through them. I just followed him, hanging my head. It is difficult to explain his subtle behavior, the commonly sign taught by the city for me but we are able to understand that this is what would be happened at that randomized moment we didn’t expect.
So, given the Fibonacci sequence is the only one among a number of figures so that it creates the only particular form/structure as a result randomized, his behavior at that moment also makes me realized his existence as the only particular form selected among random behavior signs that the city has taught us. As a result, the realization of his existence for me seems like the one of the Fibonacci sequence. This is my theme, ‘To find the relationship’ in a phenomenon not related/connected/belong to each other. This is Randomization or Synchronism at the same time.

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  1. thismarty

    Thanks for sharing your pre-writing-wrought observations on randomness, gimhyewon!

    Your examples also reminded me of how Fibonacci Sequences are used to express the so-called “Golden Mean” – a formal aid in creating balance in visual and spatial compositions. And, you remind me of so-called “attractors” that can emerge in nature constraining seemingly random activity within predicatable (albeit chaotic) boundaries.

    It’s interesting how much “order” comes from seemingly disordered processes. That’s part of what you have to trust in when you pre-write. In Stage 1, you create a maelstrom of ideas, not to be tamed until Stage 2. Disorder creates lsots of messy raw material, then ordering gives it meaning through structure.


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