Series of Bioharzard / Evil Resident are always a popular RPG video game based on Sony Play station device for more than ten years. Recently I play the Biohazard IV on Nintendo’s Wii device, and there are something I found when I went through the end.

First, the video can not break the limit of physical screen. This one can break into three part. One, when we play games as first role, the virtual avatar’s vision in the screen is all we can see, and normally it is the forehead area in front of the avatar, when we want to see the ground or sky, we have to control the navigation button to move the vision up and down, and you never can expect that the view can switch as fast as our eyes do. Second, our eye ball is a real ball with a contex body, that is why we observe this world from a wide angle-normally 120-120 degree. I expect in future the telivision can be concave screen which is appropriately fit for our eye’s angle, and show us more than flat screen.

Second, one of the game’s unique way the game unfold its story is one primary role order, the Leon’s exploration experience; “another order” you control the other person appeared in this story who has interacted with Leon in some presented scenario and has important impact on the result. When you play the “another order”, you will confront different situation and mission, you will found that thislady’s surprised behaviors happened in Leon’s role make sense because she has such different sufferings like…… These two role’s play will let players understand the whole story completely and see the whole thing from two different perspectives. So basically, there is a same context, and two different first-role play perspectives. I am not sure I can call this phenomenological way because I truly involved in this story and try to figure out the truth, but in another perspective, the story is a video game, and we just make decisions and to do based on what we perceived from the virtual dynamic images….??


  1. airlee

    I forgot to put title. I think it should be reflection in-action.?

  2. thismarty

    Games that let you assume the viewpoint of other characters are pretty neat stuff, aren’tthey?

    I’d liek to extrapolate a bit from your observations that juxtapose enhancements in display technology with this approach as means of leanding new perspective in games and suggest that you try to play The Residents mid-90’s CD-ROM title Bad Day at the Midway if you ever have the chance. It’s a very early “role-switcher” game that was way ahead of its time for that reason, among many. As is ofdten the case with early implementations of new ideas, it doesn’t necessarily work perfectly, but it’s still awesome in being so unrestrained in its attempt to make the idea work. Plus, it has all sorts of great 3D art by legendary 3D illustrator Jim Ludtke and a cool Resdients soundtrack to boot! 😉


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