simlish – lily allen video

Just as a quick post: I was looking up machinima and animutation on the ‘tubes’ and i came across this influx web site that had an interesting little post about Lily Allen’s video produced in the Sims environment… nothing too new -but- she actually reworked her song into the “Simlish” language used in the Sims world. Now that is interesting. It looks like it is a big marketing ploy of course, but still that is quite something. You might have already seen this on YouTube if you frequent the site, but I had not so I thought I’d share…

LINK (with video):—simlish—machinima—1-8-million-video-views.html

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  1. jeffreybardzell

    Interesting mix of serious games, corporate viral video, and all around weirdness. The funny thing is, I wouldn’t even have recognized it as Simlish, had I not known going in. It just sounds different sung.


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