True Hollywood Story: Master Chief

Watching the G4 game channel on TV today, I came across a good (and hilarious) example of Machinima with the generative strategy of fusing gameplay with other cultural forms, in this case a comment on mainstream society. The short video was titled “Master Chief: True Hollywood Story,” and demonstrated Master Chief’s inability to cope with the fame and fortune resulting from Halo’s success. The video’s narration opens with “Master Chief was America’s sweetheart; the personification of ‘the space marine next door.’ When the pressure of stardom and success became too much, he began… to self destruct.”

Fully equipped with scenes from Master Chief’s struggle with alcoholism and a soundtrack of emotional, ‘heart-warming’ music, this behind-the-scenes looks at our faceless hero really is worthy of the E! Network. I’ll try to find the video online and post a link.

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