Some reflections on Massively Amateur Culture

Jeff- I really loved your presentation… and I have a few questions. Or, rather, some themes from your talk that I was hoping you might elaborate on. Obviously, I don’t expect you to answer all these…but maybe you could comment on one or two 🙂
>What are the defining characteristics of AMM? What is it NOT?

>Some of the themes of AMM in your talk were…

1) massive collaboration
2) use of particular tools (cheap, accessible, networked,..)
3) particular “languages” that are developing
4) fringe/alternative..fall outside established creative disciplines
5) intrinsically motivated; “for love” and passion, (which I believe is the origins of the word amateur)

> How accurate/important are these themes of AMM? did I miss anything?
Platforms v. Products
>Why is this distinction important?
>What does implications does AMM have for the design of platforms?

“unfinished aesthetic” & “aesthetic of crap”
> Can you elaborate on this?
> Is it an aesthetic of products, process, tools?
> It makes me think of some notion that there is not final product…

Mass collaboration and the role of the individual

> Does AMM collaboration reduce the role of the individual in some sense? Or enhance?
> MAss collaboration and authoring leads to multiple identities?!
> Creates microcommunities? more domains/cultures?
> What IS the role of the author in this setting?

HCI creates culture
> Does HCI accellerate the production of culture?
> What do you (JEff) exactly propose as ethical or moral responsibilities of HCI, given your understanding of AMM and argument that HCI produces culture?

knowledge/info v. affect and experience
> Can you clarify this distinction? Why is it important?

> Is the distinction between reflective and experiential cognition?

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