Visual language, emotion empathy, spiritual world

By stimulating sensors, Visual language add much more emotional elements. These elements are the media of the expression of the authors—their knowledge, horizons, skills, desire and much more, and were processed by the watcher’s horizons and experience. A good movie was accepted and favorite by many people, but each person has their own reasons to like it. However, people had more similar experience (age, education, living environment,…) tend to have more similar interpretations. And it isn’t necessarily true due to the complexity of human emotion and the nature of the world. The advantage of visual language is that it leaves enough space for audience to imagine or explore by themselves. And the feelings and believes (our interpretations) were enhanced or gotten more and more clear by the repeating elements of the movie. The repeating things could be motion, sound, sign, or other special expression effects. Some times we find that we lack of words to express the deepest emotions arisen from our heart. And the only thing we can do is to do some actions, real actions, such as sing a song, draw a picture, kick something very hard or drive a lot……water. Just as Tao believes that graphs are the better way to describe than words, I believe that actions is the more effective way to express our emotions. Through this expression and interpretation model, people emotionally and spiritually communicate with each other from the two sides of the media. The visual language connect not only the audiences with the media, but also the authors, actors, all the other people who involved in the making process with the media. Sometimes the virtual world and the real world were mingled together at some point, and you never know what is yours and what is your avatar’s. Although sometimes I believe that I could give my avatar a value at any time, it is not always true.

If we believe that the virtual world in which our avatars live is just a parallel world of our real one, we are just communicating with people (could be avatars), the technologies, the colors, the lines, the motions, the sounds and all the others are just tools, carriers of our emotions.

Some people said that we are all crazy in this world due to its complexity. Communication with others becomes more and more important for our live. Other than those ordinary ways, identity (living style, clothing style, sports and movie types) becomes more and more popular. And of course, the identity embedded in the media becomes a kind of label of the person who use the media. Through these media, we connect with those strangers in different ways. Moreover, this connection is in the spiritual world, and in reality, we use same thing, listen same music, like same movie…AND, SHARE SAME BLOG!

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  1. Derek

    Fear not, there will always be those that “lead” and those that follow blindly in need of identity. The “creative” invent new ideas, lifestyles, and concepts for those not capable of doing so. When the “creative” run out of ideas, sadly, they start recycling old concepts that worked. The mini skirt is an example of this, so are the “re-mixes” of popular classic music. Technological advance has made this easier, put any Queen classic through a computer, distort it just enough to be still recognizable and claim “authorship” to it. Millions will bow in awe to it, simply because they have nothing better to buy, listen to or idolise.


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