Who assure the QUALITY of works??

When we talked about the gray area between professional and amateur, I was thinking about the QUALITY. I have been looking for and enjoying professional artworks or artifacts on purpose, on the other hand, I usually skip over works by amateurs on the web or at some private exhibitions. Those often make me disappointed and I regard those as a time consuming things.

>>PCC, The golden age of amateur who surpass professional

Recently I met a new terminology called PCC (Proteur Created Contents). Proteur is one of compounds; it consists of pro for Professional and teur for Amateur. It certainly shows us that the boundary between professional and amateur is obscure. I know that a lot of amateurs are getting closed to professional level by some tools, application programs that are easy of access and easy to use. Sometimes, amateurs release superior works than professional’s, it is a rare success and quite phenomenal. I think that almost all of works from amateurs have low quality. Although I can get their idea, which make us surprised, or intention to express through their product, it is hard to recognize as works of art for me.
They definitely have a limitation to produce a work by using some tools, devices, equipment, and programs because they don’t have much experience and enough finance support to proceed continuously. In other words, amateurs are doomed to fail making outstanding works, which have high quality and exceptional value.

From my point of view about the field of professional, I confirm their effort, professionalism; however, I recognize that there is no huge quality distinction. Even though they have been studying and training their art to be a professional continuously, if they cannot improve the quality on a higher level than current level, they actually don’t have a difference with amateurs. I think the primary distinction, which could judge between professional and amateur, is whether they could ensure the quality of works or not. Consequently, I would like to say that professional keep trying to promote growth of quality. Amateurs have been doing their work to express their voices or ideas with just for fun or interest regardless of competition while their extra time. I think that professional should produce their works for the current market and improve the world by the guarantee of quality in the same breath. If you are a professional or want to be a professional, you should be aware that don’t let users stay at present, you should guide them to future by making them improve qualitatively.

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  1. mingxian

    This argument goes to the old question about how you define quality, especially for digital design. What is the quality of a website, a piece of software interface, an avatar…


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