Structural Analysis (Sort Of and Not Really)

Spending a week in a place where I do not know a word of the language (even if it it doesn’t really matter from a tourist perspective) and many hours in flight with bad (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer bad) movies as entertainment gave me some motivation and time to think about phenomenology and structuralism. At some point during a ginger ale and rice crackers fueled state I thought it might be a good idea to perform a “structural” analysis of structuralism and phenomenology. Perhaps reflecting on the language I know that describes each concept will enhance my understanding.

I further developed this exercise to try and restrict myself to other “philosophical” words that I see used in the discussions of phenomenology and structuralism. Some concepts may not quite fit because I either don’t understand them or the category, but it’s a learning exercise and those are impervious to wrong answers. Unless it’s graded and it’s not.

Finally, language is seemingly infinite so I tried to limit myself to related terms and or other “philosophical” concepts.


  • Postmodern
  • Real (Stolterman usage)
  • Subjective
  • Hermeneutics
  • Relativism
  • Deconstuction


  • Modern
  • Positivist
  • Rational
  • True (Stolterman usage)
  • Objective
  • Deterministic

I see a lot of antonym pairs in the list. I know the concepts are not necessarily opposites, but I think I’m internalizing them as such which is probably a bad thing. How can this be avoided?

What words do you use to describe phenomenology and structuralism? Let’s put the community hive mind to good use.

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