AMM culture in different cultures

photos as statistic pictures are reminder of the past time, here and then.

Films, a serial of pictures which was called motion plus audio provide a much more vivid scenes to us. And we get a kind of here and now illusion. After we get the illusion, we enjoy them a lot.

TV shows, movies produced in the US tend to tell stories happened in the same year or age which was produced.

A lots of Chinese TV shows, movies, and especially those popular ones tend to tell stories which was happened decades,  hundreds even thousands years ago.

In China, from thousands years ago, there is a special professional job. One person narrate,  play multi roles,  and some times also imitate natural sounds, animal sounds at the same time, to tell a story. We call it ventriloquism or oral imitation.  Sometimes they use several very simple tools too.

You can find some similar one from the following link, but of course, it is in Chinese:

It is kind of the first example of “here and now” in Chinese culture.

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