THE LIST as interpreted by Bruce Willis


Color – as in Sin City or Hero
o    Color effects mood, draws attention to various aspects
•    Lighting –
o    Lighting effects mood
•    Sound
•    Montage
•    Camera Position
•    Mise en scene
o    Overall composition –props, actors, scene
•    Acting
•    Special effects
o    Constructed sets
o    Backdrops
o    Miniatures
o    Digital Image Processing
o    CGI
o    Time manipulation
o    Space manipulation
•    Camera Movement
o    POV
o    Angles
•    Music
•    Character Movement
•    Makeup and Costume
•    Pacing
•    Cast
o    Previous Roles/Productions
o    Real-life persons
•    Narrative
•    Audience
o    Participation
o    Object
•    Genre/Culture
•    Scripts
•    Adaptation/TV Show/Book
o    Chronology
•    Language
•    Politics/Agenda
•    Advertising/Promotion
•    Sequels/Prequels
•    Stimulus/Response

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