Motion in HCI

If it is the motion make films living compared with photographs, and therefore gives films overwhelming power to encourage the directors to express and create far beyond record and remind, entice audience to involve beyond just know and accept. What is the motion in HCI? The dynamics in a social network? The feedback and guiding  point in an information system? The communications between people and people, people and artifacts, artifacts and artifacts? I guess, AND what else?…

If the motion is only the sequence of activities, it was bland and nobody will like it. This is why the directors make a lot of stories happen on those characters in a relatively short time. And of course, there are some stories happen rely on someone’s imagination and would never happen in real life. However, these imposable  stories have their root in out society including history, geography, religion and all other aspects could encompassed in cultures. Based on this point, what could we borrow from them to HCI?

The special effects were created and used to enhance viewers’ experience. The special effects give directors more power to express their imagination. Sometimes, those special effects make the viewers timid and they still want to continue to watch. Technologies was used everywhere in this world now and for doing everything. But why do we use technologies if we can do same thing without them?–because the technologies give us more power to control the situations we are facing. Sometimes people want to go away from all technologies and pay high price to live in somewhere could not connect with any new technology (cell phone, computer, TV) for one or two night, but nobody want to live in the primitive society for their entire life. We are all looking for something, sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t. If only we can know what other people are looking for, we got the motion for our film.

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