Reflection on the In-Class Assignment with Mingxian

Mingxian and I discussed a couple of points from our larger list of techniques used within film to represent reality during last week’s in-class assignment.  We spent a lot of time working with a realization of something which was previously unrealized through the experience of watching a film.   You see this over and over again whcn  you watch movies, those times when you are given the opportunity to interpret a scene in a movie in your own way, based on your own experiences, lifeworlds, horizons.  While the filmmakers/producers/creative team working on the piece might have had an idea of the experience they were looking to recreate for you when you saw the scene, there is no straight-forward, obvious answer.  We were thinking about the opening and closing scenes in Forrest Gump with the flying feather, a perfect moment that they captured where the individual in the auidence becomes the interpretor.  Everyone watching in a large group of people might be experiencing something different through that scene.

We also spent some time working with this notion of making the impossible, possible in film.  We agreed that when this happens, the magic in movies happens.  The audience has fun, viewers are attracted to fantasy, things which they never dreamed possible are achieved, they are taken back to their childhood of fantasy and that “anything is possible if you dream…” The experience becomes one of a kind, you are seeing something for the first time, something never even realized to be possible.  That one of a kind experience is very similiar to the above discussed experience when people are given the opportunity to interpret in their own way a specific point in a piece.  I think that ultimately, this is what we want to achieve in HCI, creating that experience that is both open for interpretation by the audience (in a way, just gives them the freedom to design their own experience of using our designs) and also gives them the experience which had not been dreamed possible to them previously.

Forrest Gump Feather

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