Categorize Your Posts Or I Will Beat You With a Hockey Stick, Aaron Houssian

When you submit a post, there is a list of categories at right. Pick one. If none fits, make up a new one (or if you can’t, email me and ask me to add the category for you). Uncategorized posts are a scandal worthy of public hockey-based practices of shaming that will be used.

About jeffreybardzell

Jeffrey Bardzell is Professor of Informatics and Director of the HCI/Design program in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University - Bloomington. His research foci include critical design, interaction criticism, research through design, and digital creativity, which he approaches from a perspective that reflects his background in the humanities.
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8 Responses to Categorize Your Posts Or I Will Beat You With a Hockey Stick, Aaron Houssian

  1. laurabrunetti says:

    I’m guilty of this. I’m just so forgetful and unawares sometimes! Oh woe is me. I’ll try and be better about it.

  2. Don’t just fix the ones in the future! Hunt down your posts and categorize them now! I have categorized dozens of posts already, but it’s worth double checking. Doing so will make the blog more useful for all–and your voice more likely to be heard!

  3. Kevin Makice says:

    I had to see if this post was categorized under “snarky”

  4. “Snarky” and “meta” are synonyms.

  5. chmbrigg says:

    is there a tag for “lost tenure for student abuse?”

  6. My hair alone guarantees my tenure. Plus I’ve got an awesome pair of Manolo Blahniks, as a back up, just in case.

  7. chmbrigg says:

    ah, “coiffure” = “tenure”. i was unaware of the extent of the suffix similarity

  8. houssian says:

    actually studies have shown that men with good hair are more like to get hired and tend to have better salaries.

    In any case I’m about to go and add categories to some of my posts, but I think I want a tag called “aaronesque” for those aspiring to have hair, I mean writing as good as mine. 😉

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