On the philosophy of technology

I am posting a link to my blog in the hopes of getting your thoughts on my recent post on the topic mentioned in the title.

Feel free to comment on it here or there.


  1. jeffreybardzell

    There’s more than 7 people thinking about this! For a great start, check out Scharff and Van Dusek’s excellent anthology, _The Philosophy of Technology: The Technological Condition: An Anthology_ now available on Amazon. Also, there are 7 other books at Amazon with almost the exact same title. So that should keep you busy for a bit But I can particularly recommend the Scharff and Dusek anthology, because, you know, unlike the others, I actually read that one!

  2. houssian

    Well the 7 was a bit of hyperbole to be certain, but upon analyzing my titles it seems I tend towards the dramatic (who knew?).
    So if you’ve read it, do you own it? and if you own it can I borrow it?
    I’m trying to get it from the library (that may take a while). Maybe I’ll cough up the money and buy it.


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