Pre-writing experience, just unclear

By the way, my pre-writing experience is awful. I feel I am in a theoretic fog: Ambiguous, Confused, Unclear, Obscure, Vague, Debiuos, Enigmatic, Indefinite, Inconclusive, Indeterminate fog.

Please, Rescue me from this fog!


  1. Tyler Pace

    #1) The hockey stick will come for you. Categorize your post quickly! 🙂

    #2) Perhaps you’re not focusing on a concrete enough phenomena? I struggled with too much theory until I made my unit of focus (bonus exam points) more finite.

  2. gimewon

    You are right. I might not focus on the phenomena enough. 😦
    Yes. I know. I hope I know. I am getting to relialized what is my problems too.
    Sometime, I cannot understand what you guys are talking in this class because of language problems you know. That’s why I could not focuns on a concrete enough phenomena. I came to know what we should do for pre-writing later. Hmmm so shamful. Sometime, I can understand completly what jeff gave us lectures if I have backgrounds of the lectures. And then I can ask him my questions and can participate in you guys’ talking. 🙂
    Just, I am trying to do my best. Pleae understand me and Keep watching me.


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