What did I do in the past three days!

O MY GOD, I just realized that I didn’t finish my pre-writing until now. However, I did some reflection-on-action work.

After Tuesday’s class I decided to do the most time-consuming work: re-read those readings and gather all my notes and those underlined sentences together! It turns out that it is a huge project! Usually I read on my screen. I could not stop underline those so good sentences when I read those theories due to that the mouse would never short of “ink”.  Other than underline, I made so few notes on those pages!  Although it is a huge project, and I didn’t finish it until now and plan to stop now, I still believe that it is a so good idea I got from Tuesday’s lecture. It is not easy time when I realized that I just throw all my learning methods away since some time I don’t exactly know. I used to have a lot of good learning methods once upon a time. Reviewing old works is as important as learning new things. But now I seldom to re-examine the old works I did. I should do it regularly.

Now I decided to focus on pre-writing, and hope I can get something out of the messy mind with my painful head.


  1. houssian

    I feel your pain Mingxian, I was out of town, and chose to finish other projects before leaving. So I get home Sunday and realize I’m in deep trouble.
    Sometimes though necessity can bring out some good work.

  2. Tyler Pace

    I absolutely agree that getting into the hobby of reviewing material a couple days later is essential. I very rarely miss a reading before the “due date” but I do tend to not go back and review materials until absolutely necessary. Only takes 21 tries to break a habit, right?


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