Chaotic my pre-writing…

I finished my pre-writing in chaos… Actually, I have looked for new topic for pre-writing that is related to so many articles and theories in class. I realized that a new and novel one didn’t come up with my mind.. I drew out a topic that I have been thinking about for some time from my working experience.

Before doing pre-writing, it was no more than concept that I just wanted to know someday about a relation between aesthetic and quality. Simply, the initial topic was about that an aspect of aesthetic could affect to quality and determine the value of artifact.

Those, which flesh out my concept, are researching data and searching different perspectives by others. While collecting data, I still was going around some obscure thought, several words brainstormed before and phenomenon from my personal experience.

Like last pre-writing activity, I roughly spread my idea and thought on the paper as reflected the state of my head, and saw what are those. It was true that before writing down on paper, I didn’t notice that what are in my head at a glance.. Yes, now I can see my whole concepts and I can sift out what will works for me.

I began to make a structure for my concept based on the paper. Although the paper looks like it is just scribble and scattered words as well as unrelated, I can select from them what I have to work for my writing. The process that makes visible with unsubstantial thought has me get out of my chaos and shows a direction. I could adjust my concept more clearly with convincing example and I also became to settle structured ideas.

I’m declaring that I did my pre-writing being pressed for time. After I did it, I noticed that another chaos came up with over my pre-writing… How can I develop pre-writing to whole paper?? Pre-writing is just the beginning.

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  1. Gimhyewon

    I guess you are in the right way to study by yourself. 🙂 You are better than me! Great job. I know your problem at the beginning of this class as you said.
    I am still in confusion of mine. haha But I hope I can understand myself, make me realized it, and handle with my problems through this class.
    Ah.. I guess I can help you to slove your problem about the relation between aesthetic and quality. You know I used to be a professional designer. 😉
    Thanx jungyeon!


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