Reflection on pre-writing


Half of semester I feel the collision of phenomenology and my mind. When I tried to collect all the reading material,  I found a strange phenomena that the papers I printed out have lot of underlined and notes. And they are still in my mind. But those of papers I read on computer screen left  few pictures in my mind. when I am in elementary school, my father told me to hold the book and touch the word on paper. Because in that way I can feel the real meaning of the author penetrate paper. So when I read paper-based reading material, I hold the paper and use fingers to touch the black character on it, I feel I am sitting side by the writer, and listening to him how he think about. It is easy for me to understand the content and even the context in which the writer put himself in it and describe  the specific example. But when I sit in front of computer I can not associate with the theory in short time. I lose the connect with writer and every word turns to be obscure. I guess this is the personal hint that I force myself to trust the way my father told me and meanwhile unconsciously I don’t like to read on screen.

But during the pre-writing, single thoughts have been picked up again, and I can have overview some of the theories in line. I realized I didn’t sort out the thoughts and theory for a year!  I used to preview the reading to take a general picture( and might be several questions along with)  in mind before listen to class, and  review the material  after class. I totally throw this strategy out when I came here. It is terrible. All the concepts ideas are remain messy and unrelated until I collect them, organize them and try to connect the theories with each other to make the thoughts to be a coherent synthesis.

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