Lecture Liveblog: 10-23-07

Prewriting Discussion

  • Talk about it, blog about it, ask questions, seek help, etc ..!

Structuralism and Semiotics

Rooted in linguistics, treats our problems with a linguistic metaphor. Modern linguistics is focused on describing language rather than prescribing (proper grammar, rules of writing, etc).

Describe how a linguistic community uses language.

model …………. set of user ………………………. interfaces

critique ………. set of filmgoers ……………….. film

Semiotics is a meta-theory that aims to describe a linguistic community and its language in structurally similar ways.

Sign is anything that’s used to stand in for anything else.

Sign = Signifier (thing doing the referring) + Signified (thing being referred to)

The signifier has a specific relationship with the signified.

  • Iconic – resemblance to the signified.
  • Index– cause and effect relationship to the signified.
  • Sign – arbitrary relationship to the signified.

Code allows a linguistic community to understand the relationship between signifier and signified.

adresser || sender

adressee || receiver/recipient

Addresser -> Addressee

Sender -> Receiver/Recipient

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