Lecture Liveblog: 10-30-07

Talk and QA with Jeremi Karnell, President of One to One Interactive.

  • Convergence between the research challenges of interactive media and HCI.
  • Multi-modal approach to remove cognitive and subjective biases in research.

Semiotics and Structuralism

Structuralism identifies the elements of meanings and how they are juxtaposed and organized together. Structures are common patterns or orderings of signs.


  • Semantics – Meaning associated with content.
  • Syntax – Rules of construction.
  • Pragmatics – Context of appropriateness.

Genres share characteristics along semantic, syntax and pragmatic lines.

Denotation vs. Connotation

  • Denotation – Literal meaning.
  • Connotation – Associated meaning.

Idiolect is speaking one’s own language.

Syntagm vs. Paradigm

  • Syntagm – Valid sequence of signifiers determined by the rules of construction [syntax] or code.
  • Paradigm – All the possible options for an individual signifier in a sequence of signifiers.

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