Paper topic

For my final paper, I’m considering one topic: “How evolution of mobile phone affect to lifestyle”.

The basic function of mobile phone is originally a mean of communication as a phone call. However, as the function of mobile phone has been evolved to variety aspects, we are using the cell phone not only as a communicator but also as a camera, a music player, a scheduler and a game etc. Now, we regard mobile phone as the number one personal belonging when we go out. I’m sure that evolution of mobile phone affect to lifestyle and lifeworld. I’d like to look for more concrete phenomenon how people are affected by mobile phone, how it works to people and how people are changed by it.

And I also thought about computer imagination in terms of mobile phone. After taking Marty’s lecture about computer imagination, I began to wonder how mobile phone, which has some constraints by aspects of hardware and software, materialize the computer imagination. I’m not sure as yet whether the first topic is related to this aspect of computer imagination or not. I will do pre-writing soon to make sure my concept for concrete logic.

I appreciate if you give me any feedback!!


  1. laurabrunetti

    Personally, one thought comes to mind when hearing this topic of how mobile phones effect lifestyle, and I suppose it deals with control and freedom, specifically a loss of it. I think of my phone as a tool I use for more convenient communication, but that I don’t have to answer it every time it rings (whether or not it’s because I’m really not around or not able to, or because I just don’t want to). But it’s then the cause of frustration for people trying to get in touch with me who just don’t understand why there is ever a moment that can’t talk to me (almost) immediately.. I mean, I have a cell phone, right? So in a way, here is a tool that is supposed to make communication convenient and now it’s turned into a burden/obligation that demands (through the people on the other end trying to reach me) I race to every beck and call.

  2. jeffreybardzell

    THis is an interesting idea, Jungyoun. To move forward, you’ll still want to narrow it down further. There are different ways you can do that. One way is to focus on a single kind of mobile phone, such as the Motorola Razr or whatever. Another way is to focus on a single feature shared by many mobile phones, such as SMS or downloadble media. Another way is to compare advertising for mobile phones in 2000 with today, since advertising implies a lot about the relationship between the advertised item and lifestyle. These are just some suggestions, but I think you are off to a good start!


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