From 1995 starting from selling books online, Amazon has broaden its markets from just books to digital comsumption forty big categories almost cover all we need in daily life even gourmet food, paper towel.(From a-z). No matter what they sell on their website, I am not like the interface of Amazon website. But Amazon recently has remodeled its website to a new one.

They can change interface of website easily within 1 or 2 minutes,  but actually the product sthey are selling are still same as those before they changed their website.  As an E-commerce website who don’t produce and design product itself, it has to play a super good role of agent/breaker to connect supplier and customer. According to formal successful and unsuccessful experiences , it can predict and approach the most convenient shopping style (online) that majority of people would like to interact with.  They are on their way now.

I would like to analyze the new webiste and take advantage of what we have learned in class. Also I want to make a comparison with old framework of Amazon website…if I can find the old Amazon website pictures in my mind as more as possible..


  1. Tyler Pace

    How do you plan on analyzing Amazon’s site? Or, more specifically, what method/technique/approach(es) from the class will you use?

  2. Tyler Pace

    I forgot to mention that I think a structuralist approach lends itself to your question. Comparing interfaces against each other and understanding the effects of those interfaces on users seems very structuralist oriented to me.

  3. Tyler Pace

    Not to comment spam, but thoughts keep flowing!

    One thing you could do is compare the changes in syntagm and paradigm choices in the menus, product categories, etc. Surely those changes have some sort of impact that you can identify and discuss.

  4. airlee

    Thanks Tyler,
    yes exactly the structuralist approach is so fit for the website analysis. And after today’s class, I am sure that analyzing website from structuralism account will be an exciting experience.

  5. mingxian

    Very interesting topic to me. Online shopping is a big topic you could discuss. I just recently looked at three totally different website, specifically their online payment page. One is the NeuterScooter website we criticized together, another one is Macy’s credit card online pay page, the third is for the continue education office, they allowed students pay their tuition on their website. These these website very different, and of course all of them look unprofessional and give you a doubt feeling about their security. Amazon’s one click pay is very famous and special, maybe you could analysis the online payment pages:)

  6. jeffreybardzell

    It looks like you’ve already gotten some good responses, here Tao. My suggestion would be to further limit the scope of what you are looking at, so you are not looking at as a whole, but rather a specific aspect of it, such as the many ways Amazon puts items in front of you that it thinks you might be interested in. Or you might look at who provides Amazon its content (some from the publisher, some from regular users, some from themselves, etc.). Or you might look at a new service, such as its music service, intended to be a rival to iTunes Music Store.

    Amazon is a huge site, so you can’t possibly study all of it. Which part are you most interested in? And what really do you want to learn about it?


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