Papers and Feedback

I *believe* I have responded to all of the paper topics that have appeared on this blog.

However, please don’t hesitate to ask for (further) feedback if any of the following apply:

  • I didn’t actually respond to your post on your paper topic (d’oh!).
  • You have since iterated on your topic, have some new thoughts, and would like some feedback on that.
  • You disagreed with me or just couldn’t get enough and want more!
  • Any reason at all, actually.

So don’t be shy! Marty, our WTS consultant, and I are *all* happy to help you with this, and I *know* these resources are available to you, and therefore I expect good papers!

1 Comment

  1. kaycereed

    Hi Jeff,

    Unfortuantely, you did not comment on my blog post where I talk about my rough idea for this class paper…


    Boo to you


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