paper idea continued: mobile phone faceplates

I think more about my paper and try to narrow down the topic today.

For now, the rough title is: Design mobile phone faceplates: appearance as experience and interaction.

In this paper, I would like to focus on how mobile phone faceplates improve user experience. Mobile phone faceplates in Asia are designed by the following three groups of people (which are classified by me):
1. mobile phone company: Nokia, Motorola….

2. professional graphic designers (or in related field): the pictures in my last entry are belong to this category. They do not work in mobile phone companies. probably have own studios.

3. amateur. Here is an example( from Yinnimei Yahoo blog.):


In my paper, I am thinking to focus on the last two, especially the third one. I intend to explore general people create their own meaning when using digital products. Users design not only their own ways of using the product, but also the appearance of that. I would like to study the latter.

Besides the reading we have in the semester, literature review might also include: emotional design, ensoulment, experience design, waves of HCI……

Theories used: I am thinking of using structuralism to analyze one or two examples of mobile phone faceplates. What the codes and the languages suggest. Also, I found that people in Asia design their mobile phone faceplates in a similar way with other personal belongings, such as schedule book. I wonder if it is counted as “cultural logic.”

Do these make sense? I hope this narrowed down a little bit.


  1. Gim, Hyewon

    I like your subject, and make me think about amature and clutural logic more.
    you are elaborating your idea!

  2. Tyler Pace

    Is there a visual language game among non-professional designers creating mobile phone face plates in Asia? πŸ™‚

  3. yenning

    I guess so. Maybe Jeff would put his second life avatar on his mobile phone faceplates if he is in the game. πŸ˜€

    Seriously, I believe people design their faceplates for gaining social experience which influences how they think and use the digital device. It is interesting to find that pleasing artifacts could be designed by user themselves.


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