On the way to find and fight for the meaning

“Wa, look at these mp3 players, they looks just like iPod, and the price is as same as iPod too!…”

“But they are not belongs good brand! no brand at all!”

“Who cares! Do you know that now in China every mp4 players looks just like iPhone, same interface, touch screen, the difference is that it is not a phone.”


“I think Google’s stock would be reduced, because it has no more new products, every other campony could do it, even though search function need to be supported by a huge database …”

I care neither Google nor Apple here, but find interesting when I heard this kind of conversations. In this world this time, the information was spread even faster than generated,and there is nothing could not be copied regarding technology except one thing– the designer’s brain. A good designer’s brain is advanced about several seconds, days or months than others. Once the design product was published, all the others catches up, and the designer’s brain goes further to somewhere else. This is truly a culture logic in my opinion. Once we know a piece of news from others, we could believe that everybody knows, if only they want to know.

Sometimes people followed, such as all of those mp4 player’ “designers”. But could they in advance to create the better next generation before Apple designers? I doubt it because they don’t understand the meanings. Sometimes I heard someone say that “This is easy, I could do it!”, but it is difficult to say that “This is easy and not very good enough, I could do it better, and it’s customer will be mine!” Make it better based on deeply thinking and understanding. Create is much more hard that critique. I guess this is the operational layer we are focusing. We are on the way to find the meaning for ourselves.

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  1. airlee

    in my opinion, copy and imitation is one of the important step in way of design. I am not sure if those mp4 player'” designers’ could come up better device before Apple, but one thing i am pretty sure is that the distance between Apple interactive designer and interactive designer in China is reducing.And I will one of them trying to shorten the distance several years later. And somehow i think the best way is to penetrate the layer of “operation layer” between “interface” and “philosophy”. Because I thought the operation layer is the bottle neck of our thinking, since we have richest philosophy theories in history.Once we go through it, the sunshine will on my shoulders.


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