Post-Structuralist Contradiction or Complementation

Certain aspects of a post-structuralist perspective are very cohesive and useful for analysis.  But how can post-structuralism prematurely claim we cannot discover truth about the world without stating this as its discovered truth?  Perhaps this might be perceived as a play on words, but doesn’t every theory attempting to explain the world indulge itself in some proclamation of truth?

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  1. Tyler Pace

    That’s a tricky bit about post-structuralism to which I’ll attempt to supply a couple of defenses.

    1) Post-structuralists aren’t worried about coherence. They can contradict themselves because they don’t believe in truth claims. Your rational mindset is merely trying to apply reason to the unreasonable and finding contradictions that either don’t exist or don’t matter.

    2) The establishment of master narratives (objective truth claims) is a long cycle of power and domination. The desire to find coherence (#1) is part of this repressive cycle.

    3) Local narratives replace the master narratives. Local narratives are small accounts of a particular setting and a particular context with limited generalizability over space and time.


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