structuralism account in design methods

I think I would like more think about things in structuralism approach. And from this account, I thought, there is no totally new things or innovative things.  Hypothetically,  human have 100 English words in total to compose a sentence in order to describe  an object. Based on the permutation and combination, there are definitely limit sequences of how we compose the sentences. If all the writers,  movie editors use those limited sequences to describe the world,  this world will become boring and tired. And we know, all language has limited words.

However, everything is changed since the time is always flying and you can’t just ask the God to freeze it; anything is also changed.  For example, when I am planning  to write down an entry to put what I thought in mind into a paragraph,   I open computer, and began to type; During this process of writing, I translate my mind into languages. When I finished this entry, I read the entry again and I found it is a little bit different from what I thought in the beginning. Then I realized that all the things in this world are design because of different situated space, time, and context.  You use a different body position to read a paper in bed is a design, even your body have this exactly same position before this moment, like when you are in bathtub.

When we first see a cell phone has  function of mp3 replay,  as a combination of communicator and mp3 player device, it is design. 

By the way, I think as the first step of design new thing, observation, imitation and thinking  is all necessary.  Da Vinci began his artist career from drawing eggs again and again. Because his teacher told him that every egg has different shape depending on when and how you watch it.  Further more, what is the second step of how a amateur becomes a pro,  I think is not thinking, instead, is imitation or copy.  Any design is a small  valuable improvement based on existing thing in the world; and before that, you have to study how the design of  iPhone is so popular. Multi-touch is not invented by Apple, just Apple use it very well.

 And thinking is the third step. 

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  1. Tyler Pace

    You sounded very post-structuralist there for a moment when you talked about how you felt like a different author after you went back and read your post. 🙂

    I too struggle with how language is created. If language sits at the core of cognition, how does is develop?


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