Lecture Liveblog: 11-20-07

Deconstruct Jeff’s post to find the most useful interpretation for our classroom sized lifeworld to discover the intentions of the tissue of quotations composed by an author who does not exist.

Poststructuralist Strategies

Critique commonsense unities (“self”).

  • There is no self.
  • Self is created/constructed.
  • Always in the process of becoming something better via self-creation and construction.

There is no a priori external ground of interpretation.

  • Validating interpretations is delusional.
  • Author is dead.
  • Matter of discovering the most useful interpretation and not the most correct.
  • Intertextuality (UI widgets in HCI).
  • Constructedness (as opposed to its organic-ness).
  • Historical contingency.

Seek ways to transgress rules or grammars.

  • “Playful transgressions of existing rule systems.”
  • Discursive Author.

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