Lots & Lots of Picutres

I have a final paper question that I had planned to discuss with Jeff in person, but I’ve decided to make it a blog post instead – just in case anyone else is struggling with the same question.

Topically, my paper seeks to analyze the editor UI’s of three popular 3D modeling programs (3dsmax, Maya and Cinema4D), with each representing a specific, historical moment in the evolution of this ilk of UI’s.

My line of inquiry holds that the long march through the years and these three UI’s manifests a shifting from procedural to transitional to purely object-oriented approaches and philosophies.

What’s important is that I am using a lot of images to make and illustrate my points. And thus, a large portion of my 8-10 pages has already been consumed by images. And bear in mind, these images have all been just as carefully researched and composed to their respective ends as any chunk of text that I might write, so I’m not anxious to see them second-classed to my text in the final accounting. I’ve chosen them carefully and leveraged them rationally and I believe each to be worth a good portion of the “1,000-words” they supposedly embody.

Still, I can’t help but wonder how Jeff’s red pen feels about this?


  1. Tyler Pace

    Not enough visuals in academic text if you ask me!

    Seriously though, this is a great question that I did not think about until now, but I definitely want to know the answer. I think all of us evaluating interfaces will struggle with this when it comes time to really put pen to paper.

  2. yenning

    Yes! This is the question I would like to ask!

    It seems Marty has organized and pick the images carefully. For me, I intend to show some pictures as examples but have no idea how many is enough to present my ideas. I am also struggling in choosing the “best” one to show.


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