World of Warcraft

Began to play WoW in the Thanksgiving break, I found I have already addicted to it. Last semester, I remember I asked Jeff that why people play games, are they very lonely, have nothing else to do or they are not interested in their surrounded environment? Jeff said no, but I doubt it at that time. Because I found I have a lot interesting things to do other than game. However, in the Thanksgiving break, my husband encouraged me to install WoW on my computer, and try. Then I spend three days in a row to play . Although sometimes I don’t want to kill those tigers who have no money, no weapons to give me, it is exciting when I go up to another level. Sometimes, I asked myself, what makes me addictive? The logic is simple, get experience by killing, finding, completing tasks. As a warrior, my personal life just includes buying and selling, maybe sometimes aimless running.

Now I kind of understand why people care their avatar so much. She connects my heart because I create it and give her everything, living skills, looking, clothes etc. Maybe it likes my baby who will never do something wrong. There is no police station, is there? Think about those parents whose children are obedient and also do outstanding job, they must feel proud and like to do whatever they need to make them better. We are not the parent of our avatar, we are them and they are us. This even makes the connection stronger than parents and children!

This morning, my husband drove our car, and I sat on the right front seat. I feel a little bit exciting when I saw the warning sign beside the airbag which has a black triangle background and yellow exclamatory mark,  and was thinking about “new tasks here”! HAHA


  1. Natalie DeWitt

    To me, it’s like a vacation without the expense and hassle. I get to explore a new environment and meet new “people” without expending even a calorie.


  2. jordanfugate

    Agreed, Tyler. This is simply as good as it gets!

  3. yenning

    Wow, sounds attractive. Actually, I have the same question with you : why people are so addicted to games? When I was in Taiwan, I spent lots of time “observing” my brother playing game but still wonder why he can spend most of time on it when he is awake. I think I should try WOW in this winter vacation. 😀

  4. davidroyer

    Oh no, the virus is spreading.

  5. kaycereed


    Glad to see that you’ve joined WoW, we would love it if you joined our guild… here is the information you would need:

    – server: Lethon
    – we play for the dark side, For the Horde!!!
    – our guild’s name is “The Informati”
    – my main character’s name is Kelynithia if you want to send me a message

  6. airlee

    I feel minds are away from my body if I play too much RPG game like Warcraft.

  7. Mike Madison

    Step 1 purchase game (needle)
    Step 2 install game (insert needle)
    Step 3 play (inject heroin)
    Step 4 repeat (repeat)

    it is a fun game though =)

  8. mingxian

    more than fun, addictive! I am worrying about my final paper now, ……

  9. mingxian

    I am 56 lvl elf warrior now on whisperwind server:)

    and just created a maze character on lethon: paomm, ^_^

    Jeff, I heard you are also 56 lvl !?

  10. jeffreybardzell

    I’m 60 now, actually, but you’ll catch me very soon. I’ve had this character for 2 and a half years. I’m not a serious WoW player.


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