CHI Format = We have to write a ton!

Jeff –

It seems as if the CHI format is really small text.   I was writing my paper in word in size 11 normal formatting and when I switched it over to CHI format 6 pages of text I have so far became 4.  Thus it seems as if we will actually have to write 12 pages + of normal sized text to fill 8 pages of CHI. format  I am fine with this, but I just wanted to make sure you realized how much writing this is going to be.


  1. davidroyer

    Oh – and this post was also supposed to serve as a warning to those of you writing text in other formats and switching over later.

  2. yenning

    I realized it a little bit earlier. That is why I am dying now.

  3. datrushurtz

    thanks for the heads up! Definitely would have switched over to this template the morning it was due and been screwed.

  4. jeffreybardzell

    I said UP TO 10 pages. You can turn in fewer, if you can get your ideas developed and expressed well. I can imagine very successful papers at only 7-8 pages (including refs, pictures, etc.).

  5. davidroyer

    Ah, thank you for the clarification. I probably should have known that, but due to a traumatic incident in my past I refuse to read syllabuses.


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