Making Final Papers Available

Hi folks,

I think it would be fantastic to make the final papers available to each other. Not sure how we’d do it (i think i will be submitting mine to a conference later on, so i won’t be posting it on the web), but please add a comment here if you would assent to having your paper included in the collection (perhaps we could post them all to oncourse?)


  1. chmbrigg

    let this comment signify my assent (Christian)

  2. mingxian

    we could not see each others if we upload it as assginments, unless Jeff could make all of us as a group, then we can share document within the group:)

  3. Adam Shahrani

    Definitely agree to share the papers for everyone willing to do so. If nothing else works, send them to one person to compile it into a single pdf document with cover and table of contents…perhaps give it a title like “Interaction Culture 2008”.


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