Last-Minute Reprieve! Paper Extension!

I’ve heard enough from a sufficient number of people to worry about tomorrow’s deadline for the paper.

I am therefore granting an extension on the paper until Sunday at midnight. 

Please bring all of your materials to class today, and we can have an emergency how-to-develop-an-argument lecture (if needed), or we can do whatever. Also, please be careful! If you accept this extension, it could make it very difficult to complete your other assignments due next week. I’m giving you a little extra rope, but don’t hang yourself! 


  1. chmbrigg

    um, are we having a class today?

  2. laurabrunetti

    A god among men, Mike. He is indeed a god among men. Only better dressed-the toga and sandals thing is so last millenium.

  3. davidroyer

    I didn’t think we had class?!? If people don’t show up it is because when people asked me I told them that we did not have class.

    Does this mean the final is canceled?!?! Awesome!

  4. davidroyer

    Yeah, now I feel guilty slamming him.

  5. jeffreybardzell

    LOL. Class is a writing workshop. I will be there, and I will be around to help. If you don’t want to come, that’s OK.

    There will still be a final, which will still be due Tuesday night at midnight.

    And I am better dressed than God, but only because he goes around in the buff.

  6. kaycereed

    I will NOT be in class today and it has nothing to do with me not wanting to come… too late of notice for me, I now have other obligations because I thought class was canceled today 😦


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