1. laurabrunetti

    Huh, that is pretty neat. The video itself is well put together, and it does a good job of going across various genres of film.

    What about the implications of this [fictional interaction design] with regard to real life interaction design? The folks responsible for creating the fictional stuff were certainly influenced by real life experiences with designs and technology, and in turn a huge influence like the film industry will influence the general population’s (including designers) perception of user experiences.

    I noticed most of the examples dealt specifically with advanced technological devices and computers (from which some viewers may still be able to feel far removed from), but one interesting item that was included was the newspaper from the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban film. This is something that
    a) a far broader audience can relate to and
    b) is not a typical medium of interaction design. I know a lot goes into spreads and layouts, but because there isn’t really a dialogue between recipient and the medium I would hesitate slapping “interaction” on there.
    But crazy print media of the future like in Harry Potter, well, we could be getting closer there.

  2. laurabrunetti

    Tyler just sent out an email where a guy used a wii remote to make an interactive “whiteboard” type thing. The guy who made it says and I quote “just like in Minority Report” so it’s a perfect example of the relationship and influence between fictional interaction design and real life interaction design. By the way Tyler that’s pretty neat!



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