Unofficial Journal of Interaction Culture, Vol. 1

The unofficial Journal of Interaction Culture has hit the presses (Jeff) and will soon be released (Oncourse). Don’t worry, I won’t charge you anything for the free delays in compiling the Journal. Consider it a gift!

For those of you who use PDF bookmarks/outlines, the Journal PDF has bookmarks for each author/paper. You will also notice some stylish watermarking from the free version of Foxit PDF Page Organizer. That watermarking, much like the holiday delay, came at no additional cost to you!

Thank you very much to Mingxian Chang, Yen-ning Chang, Zhuofeng Li, Mike Madison, Dave Roedl, Dave Royer, Adam Shahrani and Andy Trus for their submissions!


  1. jeffreybardzell

    Looks like the URL doesn’t quite get you there. It gets you to the Resources page. The file is called JoIC v1.pdf. The space in the file name is strictly Tyler’s fault.


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