January 15, 2008

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I want to talk about this phrase “objective logical reality” that was tossed around today. First this term “logical,” and that it’s not the same as “singular” (or perhaps “uniform”) in the sense that there can only be one correct order. So different arguments can reach the same conclusion, and the same rationale can lead…

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All, I’ve posted the lecture notes from today’s discussion. You can find the notes using either of the two links below: Freemind Format (open in Freemind) XHTML Format Cheers! -Bob rmolnar[at]indiana[dot]edu

All, I’ve posted the notes from last Thursday’s class. The notes are available in two formats: (1) FreeMind format (a superb open-source mind-mapping application that I use to take notes) and (2) XHTML format. Here are the links: FreeMind Format XHTML Format You can download and install Freemind for PC, Mac, or Linux by visiting…

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