Dewey Lecture

I want to talk about this phrase “objective logical reality” that was tossed around today. First this term “logical,” and that it’s not the same as “singular” (or perhaps “uniform”) in the sense that there can only be one correct order. So different arguments can reach the same conclusion, and the same rationale can lead to different conclusions, yet all can be logical, no?

I also got hung up on the idea of an experience coming to a (happy) resolution/conclusion. I can’t remember if Dewey states it explicitly or if it’s just something Jeff said while distinguishing experience from an experience, but I remember the phrase “happy ending” coming into play to describe how an experience ends. What if I’m having a positive experience that then ends? I could think to myself what a pity it is that this great experience has ended. Then is this necessarily a “happy ending?” I may be misquoting or misinterpreting something so I want to make sure I understand.

I was also trying to relate Dewey’s experience and an experience to ready-to-hand and present-at-hand. So if experience is something contiguous that does not consist of an emotional quality (I believe that’s Dewey’s terminology), i.e. something that I go through unaware, then that would be like ready-to-hand. Of course then an experience is comparable to present-at-hand. Said differently, I suppose one could say that different designs are described as ready-to-hand or present-at-hand that then result either in experience or an experience.

Also, if one tries to design something to be ready-to-hand (and someone has an experience) or present-at-hand (and people aren’t having an experience) is that bad design or unsuccessful design? I suppose that depends on the designer/design’s intentions.

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  1. Gim Hyewon

    Hey girl!! I Luv your pondering 😀
    I guess there is always no dichotomy to divide something in this wolrd and in our thoughts.


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