Semantic change of design.. Just a lot of questions

While I read the Dewey’s book, I was wondering if I am an artist, designer, or even scientist. My identity, just as a humble live creature is seriously getting to be ambiguous. When I was addicted to draw I thought I was an immature artist, when I had studied and worked in design I used to be a fake designer, and now, in this HCI area, I feel I am an irrational researcher in science field even though the field is somewhat different from natural science.         

Of course, I have read that someone have said in terms of the definitions of each area and the evidences they collect in order to support their argument in terms of the boundary between Art and Design, between Design and Science, and even, in the design discourse, the design from the realization of everyday life to technology-centered design to Human-centered design, and as Klaus Krippendorff said, if we need to consider of Science of Design, Design science, or Science for design or not.

For me, it is getting to be difficult to realize that what identity of design is where the boundary is and what its discourse stands up.        

In some moment, it seems to be clear for me, but in the other moment, I have no idea what it is.     

In addition, as if HCI people seem to enjoy jumping in its ambiguity when they design, they have thrown many questions and unsettled resolutions to me even though Jeff has been not to stop explaining what design is, what factors of human beings we need to consider, what theoretical methodology we need to study users. I think his explanation is just for him and his evidences that he collects, but not mine. He provides me with huge thinking space to make me ponder in the questions. And I have to think about the questions in my own way: How do I ultimately answer this question? How do I participate in the design discourse?  

The name of design, it changes its semantic body. It is like another aesthetical experience for me.     

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