Be kind Rewind: Remediation alive and well

Film Premise: VHS tapes in a local video store (operated by Jack Black & Mos Def) have all been magnetically zapped and the stars of the film must remake the movies (starring themselves) to satisfy their customers (I haven’t actually seen the movie, but this seems to be more or less the plot). This film touches on many of the dimensions of remediation that we’ve talked about in class–particularly in terms of the reflexive (and postmodern) notions of hyperimmediacy and, more broadly, intertexutality. Following this line, trailers have popped up on YouTube that reinterpret the actual Be Kind Rewind trailer. Take a look for yourself..

The original trailer

The amateur produced YouTube trailer

The official website for the film takes remediation one step further by applying the theme of the movie to the Internet itself (effectively erasing the Internet), allowing users to submit sites they’ve remixed (or “sweded” as they say in the film). The definition of “sweding” offered on the site is aptly similar to the notion of remediation itself.

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