March 18, 2008

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All, Here are a few of the resources that I mentioned in today’s class … Boxes and Arrows, a journal “devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design”: “Pencils Before Pixels: A primer in hand-generated sketching” – a great article from the current issues of Interactions: (You’ll need to view after logging…

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All,I’m so happy to back among friends. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and messages in the past four weeks — it meant a lot. I’ve posted notes from today’s lecture. You can find the notes using either of the two links below: Freemind Format (open in Freemind) XHTML Format Regards, -Bob rmolnar[at]indiana[dot]edu

Now the course will shift with emphasis on skills and prototyping in a variety of dimensions (e.g. paper, lo/hi-fi, experience..). We will still be connecting this portion of the course to our earlier discussions on theories (e.g. hermeneutics,  phenomenology, etc..). Examples of Prototyping (that is, particular portions of these phenomena): processes sequences conceptual models/frameworks interfaces…

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