Article on Web Accessibility

If you are interested in learning more about perspectives on web accessibility, you may be interested in the article Web Accessibility: A Digital Divide for Disabled People by Alison Adams and David Kreps.

You can view the article by using an IU-networked computer or logging into the IU VPN. Here is the link:




  1. julieharpring

    And if you really, really want to dive in, I suggest Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance by Thatcher, Rutter, et al. I’m only about half-way through it myself, but so far it’s been a helpful read.

    For lighter reading and tools, I also like, the Web Standards Project Accessibility Task Force, and

    You can also read about a substantial class action lawsuit brought against by the National Federation of the Blind that has yet to be decided.

  2. ks

    Jeffrey, this is an interesting blog. I’m glad it came up in my Google Alerts.

    The NFB v. Target case is unique from both technical and legal perspectives. Some consider this the first instance where the nexus connecting ADA legislation to electronic media has been drawn. These things tend to happen in fits and starts, but I feel it’s a significant development regardless of the outcome.

    Having followed this case for some time, I wrote an article for the June 2007 issue of “The Practical Lawyer.” It provides guidance to legal professionals who seek to advise clients on this changing landscape. I’m happy to provide a PDF to anyone who has interest.


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