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… that Sadie cannot be trusted to be free during the day when I am working on campus thanks for eating my pillow, dog

So for my final paper, I have decided to use the work I have been doing for my capstone project in politics, more specifically by looking at political blogs (still in the process of choosing one or two specific blogs to focus on which are representative of political blogs in general)… how do conversations unfold,…

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My experience was pretty similar to Mike’s as he described in the previous post. I did a lot of whiteboard work as well as a short analysis of the thing I was looking at (youtube comment dialogues for political discourse). I finished the assignment up with a document with prose, putting all of my ideas…

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So for those of you who don’t know, a large group of us went to southern Indiana’s Patoka Lake this weekend for a break from school and work. I thought that some of you would be interested in seeing how the weekend turned out. Here are my favorite photos that I took: